​​New Members & Teen Board

We are so excited to welcome our new members to the ABA family!  We are also very proud that our teens have stepped up to take leadership positions and we wish them all a successful 2016-2017 Program Year.

Regional Teen President

​​We are also happy to recognize Maya Long as the Eastern Region Teen President from the Arundel Bay Area Chapter.  Maya was one of the outstanding teens elected to the national teen board. She is well accomplished in her academic, community and volunteer service.   As she heads into her senior year, she plans to attend Hampton University and earn a law degree. Jack and Jill helped her gain confidence in public speaking.

2016 Literary Masterminds Contest
Jack and Jill of America (JJOA), Incorporated, in partnership with Brown Girls Books Publishing Company, encourages the literary talents of our children by selecting outstanding poems and short stories for publication in the first JJOA Anthology: The Super Chronicles, which was showcased at the 2016 42nd National Convention in Palm Desert, CA.

A winning entry was submitted by our own ABA Chapter Selah Brashear (Romica Brashear, mother). Congratulations, Selah! Her short story was entitled "Mermaid Rescue".

 New Members, Teen Board Installation, Regional Teen President & Literary Masterminds Winner